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Each piece from Ice Diva
is handcrafted, and one of
a kind.

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Who is the Ice Diva?

Kim Kovol

Kim Kovol, Owner and Creative Director of Ice Diva Designs, LLC, loves all things glamorous, and created her first original case, The Queen of Hearts, after purchasing a (disappointing!) “acrylic” bling case that fell apart.  Random strangers and friends would stop Kim dead in her tracks, grab the iPhone from her hands and demanded to know where they could purchase the same case.

Kim customizes each case for her clients, developing a design based on his or her preferences, including Swarovski Crystal sizes, treatments, and colors.  Charms, names, portraits, business logos, fashionista labels, and specialty designs on cell phone cases (iPhones, Blackberry, Samsung, Droid, Pantech, etc.), iPads, wireless mouse, compacts, bicycle bells…even a SHARPIE PEN - you name it, Kim can ICE it.

Our phones are a daily staple in our lives - why not make it the most chic and stunning accessory you use?

Photo: Kathy (left) with Kim, Christmas Eve 2010

Kim Kovol