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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

As seen on Jerseylicious! As seen on Jerseylicious!

The “Just Shoot Me” episode aired September 4th, and much to my delight (and surprise), Olivia, Tracey, and Gayle were in a scene at The Gatsby and so were three of the cases I made for each lovely lady!  Tracey and “Marilyn”, Olivia and “Leopard Bling”, and Gayle and “Gatsby”.  What fun to see my product on TV!!!  Woo hoo!

Posted By Ice Diva at 9:39 AM

the story.

What started as Kim's desire to have a "bling" phone case (cheap, acrylic, and easily damaged) - turned into a quest to create a high end product with quality and reputable materials, imagination, and inspiration from Kim's friends, family, and new friends: the Ice Diva Clients. Weekly requests from friends, and floods of emails encouraged Kim to create and establish Ice Diva Designs, LLC - purveyor of fine Swarovski Crystal adorned phone cases for any phone in production. Phone case requests poured in - and Kim found herself icing more than cell phone cases: wireless mouse, bicycle bells, cosmetic case, lip gloss, and more novelty items. Kim's Ice Diva cases are individual works of art. Each case is created with quality materials and exclusive custom work in Swarovski Crystals. Kim's priority is ensuring her client's happiness and satisfaction in every design.

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