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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ice Diva Diaries Ice Diva Diaries

A little bit about the process of creating an Ice Diva Case... When I create a case for my client, I ask myself several things: How will she hold the phone? Is she texting a lot? Is she a Fashionista? Is she heading to a swank party, and wanting the other ladies to "ooh and aah" over her presence? Is she sporting a new Audi and wants that case to blind the rest of traffic? Is she a mom (like me), trying to juggle three kids, a mini-van full of Costco food (really, do I need 4 cases of yogurt?!), dogs, and sports equipment...and darn it, she wants some CHICNESS in her life?!?!? So, yes, I consider a lot of things - and in the end, I want my client to feel beautiful, glamorous, and haute when she answers the phone with an Ice Diva Case. Every case is hand made - I literally apply every single Swarovski Crystal and charms by hand - and with a wax applicator to boot! I don't want to get my fingerprints on the crystals! There is no team of hired staff, no machinery...nothing except me, the product, and my iTunes (the music keeps me focused). In fact, I made a special play list called Diva Tunes to listen to when I am in the creative process - which includes Mary J. Blige, Gwen, Kanye, Fergie, and more. And when I am going for the fierce stuff, I blast Cold Play, The Cult, Goo Goo Dolls, and other way too skinny men singing sexy songs. I love what I do - I love to create - and I LOVE my client's reactions.

For those that know me - I take my Sharpie Pen ownership to a whole new level…and while this pen is being donated for an auction in Anchorage, Alaska - I have to admit, I can’t wait to ice my personal collection! 

This pen has nearly 300 Swarovski Crystals - the tiniest crystals they produce.  It took nearly two hours to complete - and 24 hours to dry.  I have to admit, it would so much easier to let my 6 year old daughter, Elle, dip that marker into glue and roll it around in glitter - but, that would be defeating the point!  LOL

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the story.

What started as Kim's desire to have a "bling" phone case (cheap, acrylic, and easily damaged) - turned into a quest to create a high end product with quality and reputable materials, imagination, and inspiration from Kim's friends, family, and new friends: the Ice Diva Clients. Weekly requests from friends, and floods of emails encouraged Kim to create and establish Ice Diva Designs, LLC - purveyor of fine Swarovski Crystal adorned phone cases for any phone in production. Phone case requests poured in - and Kim found herself icing more than cell phone cases: wireless mouse, bicycle bells, cosmetic case, lip gloss, and more novelty items. Kim's Ice Diva cases are individual works of art. Each case is created with quality materials and exclusive custom work in Swarovski Crystals. Kim's priority is ensuring her client's happiness and satisfaction in every design.

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