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Every Ice Diva Designs product is hand made, with meticulous attention to detail. Prices quoted fall into the general guidelines provided, however, pricing may differ based upon designs, elements, and requests. All quotes start with "Crystal" (clear/white) as the main predominant color.

Details and Designs

  • Starts at $195iPhone 4 Case Basic Predominant One Color Design
  • Starts at $215iPhone 5 Case Basic Predominant One Color Design
  • Starts at $250Blackberry Case Basic Predominant One Color Design
  • Starts at $295Droids, HTC / EVO, Android platform Smart Phones, etc. Basic Predominant One Color Design
  • Don't see your phone model listed? Contact Kim directly for a quote.

Premium Level Details and Designs

  • Starts at $300Personalization / Animal Prints Monograms, Scripting, Initials, Patterns
  • Starts at $350Business Logos & Characters Images and Stills
  • Starts at $400Portraits Persons and Animals
  • Starts at $400Three Dimensional Hello Kitty iPhone 4
  • Starts at $750iPad / Tablets
  • Starts at $900Laptop / MacBook Cover


Quotes are dependent on the case model, design intensity, color, and the appropriate size and use of the Swarovski Crystals. Generally, cases are created using 16 and 20 ss sized Swarovski Crystals, with smaller Swarovski Crystals to fill spaces. Designs requiring EXCLUSIVE use of 3,5, 7, OR 9 ss Swarovski Crystals incur an upgrade of: $50 for 12 ss, $100 for 9 ss, $150 for 7 ss, $200 for 5 ss, and $400 for 3ss.

Swarovski Colors, other than "Crystal" (clear - like a white diamond), as Predominant Color choice: upgrade starts at $50.

All cases mailed via USPS Priority Mail, with Confirmation Delivery; rates start at $10 for shipping handling (US) and $15 for International.  Larger customized items will have adjusted shipping rates.

All designs are customized to each client. Adjustments in design application may occur due to crystal size and case shape. PayPal and Major Credit Cards accepted.

All custom ordered work requires a consultation with Kim. All transactions are final.

Office Suite Items individually:

  • All Office Suite Items by Consultation only

Beauty Items

  • All Beauty Items by Consultation only

Nursery Items

  • All Nursery Items by Consultation only